Droughtmaster Sires

Yaralla Droughtmasters aims to produce droughtmaster sires for both stud and commercial cattle operations.

Rondel Unspoken

Rondel Unspoken | Yaralla Droughtmasters

ANA154996M | Polled

Sire: Rondel Queenslander (P)

Dam: Rondel Miffy (P)

Rondel Unspoken was purchased at the 2017 Bullzeye sale for $22,500.00. Unspoken is 22 months of age, weighs 846kgs, p8 11, rib 8, ema 143 and a scrotal of 41cm. Unspoken's figures are in the purple and we could not go past this very growthy poll sire. He offers scale and volume in a lovely sleek dark red coat and is complimented with a beautiful sirey poll head.

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