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Yaralla Droughtmasters aims to produce droughtmaster sires for both stud and commercial cattle operations.

Medway Xavior

Medway Xavior | Yaralla Droughtmasters

TMC1667M | 04/08/2015 | Polled

Sire: Yaralla Nelson (P)

Dam: Medway Rani (H)

Medway Xavior was purchased at the 2017 DN Sale for $50,000.00. Xavior is a 25 month old bull weighing 831kgs with a P8 9, rib 7, ema 143 and scrotal of 41cm. Xavior hard to go past as he has an excellent backline resulting in an ema of 143cm. He expresses very good muscling for a poll bull, tidy sheath and a very mobile outlook. A type of bull that will get out there and do the job under all conditions.

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